Way Cern Cern Khor

Telephone number: 
+32 9/264 59 76
Scientific staff


Bachelor of Chemical Engineering (Honours), Newcastle University (2009-2012)

PhD of Applied Biological Science, Ghent University (2013-present)

Research interests: 

biomass pretreatment

develop efficient reactor/digester for chemical/energy production

extraction of product

investigate the feasibility of the process pipeline and possibility of commercialization

Selected key publications: 
Khor, W. C., Rabaey, K., & Vervaeren, H. (2015). Low temperature calcium hydroxide treatment enhances anaerobic methane production from (extruded) biomass. Bioresource Technology, 176, 181-188.
Khor, W. C., Roume, H., Coma, M., Vervaeren, H., Rabaey, K. (2016) Acetate accumulation enhances mixed culture fermentation of biomass to lactic acid. Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology, 1-12.
Andersen, S. J., Candry, P., Basadre, T., Khor, W. C., Roume, H., Hernandez-Sanabria, E., Coma, M., Rabaey, K. (2015). Electrolytic extraction drives volatile fatty acid chain elongation through lactic acid and replaces chemical pH control in thin stillage fermentation. Biotechnology for Biofuels, 8(1), 1-14.