Dr. Xiaoyan Sun

Telephone number: 
+32 (0)9 264 59 85
Postdoctoral staff

Xiaoyan is a postdoc at Centre for Microbial Ecology and Technology, Faculty of Bioscience Engineering, Ghent University. She holds a PhD and bachelor diploma in Environmental Engineering at The University of Queensland, Australia and Central South University, China, respectively. Her research in Ghent University is about development of a novel process to achieve urine nitrification using  membrane bioreactor and combined pure cultures. The ultimate goal of this research is water recycling in microgravity conditions in space station. Full list of research publications can be viewed from https://scholar.google.be/citations?user=zbkDSrAAAAAJ&hl=en. For further information, please contact: xiaoyan.sun@ugent.be.

Selected key publications: 
Jiang, G., Zhou, M., Chiu, T., Sun, X., Keller, J. and Bond, P. (2016): Wastewater Enhanced Microbial Corrosion of Concrete Sewers. Environmental Science & Technology. 50 (15), 8084-8092.
Sun, X., Jiang, G., Chiu, T., Zhou, M., Bond, P. and Keller, J. (2016): Effect of surface washing on the mitigation of concrete corrosion under sewer conditions. Cement and Concrete Composites. 68, 88-95.
Sun, X., Jiang, G., Bond, P.L., Keller, J. (2015): Impact of fluctuations in gaseous H2S concentrations on sulfide uptake by sewer concrete: the effect of high H2S loads. Water Research. 81, 84-91.
Sun, X., Jiang, G., Bond, P.L., Keller, J., Yuan, Z. (2015): A novel and simple treatment for control of sulfide induced sewer concrete corrosion using free nitrous acid. Water Research. 70, 179-187. [selected as ‘Water Research best paper 2015 first quarter’]
Jiang, G., Sun, X., Keller, J., Bond, P.L. (2015): Identification of controlling factors for the initiation of corrosion of fresh concrete sewers. Water Research. 80, 30-40.
Sun, X., Jiang, G., Bond, P.L., Wells, T., Keller, J. (2014): A rapid, non-destructive methodology to monitor activity of sulfide-induced corrosion of concrete based on H2S uptake rate. Water Research. 59, 229-238.