Dr. Tyler Arbour

Telephone number: 
+32 9/264 59 76
Postdoctoral staff

After obtaining my BSc in Chemistry from Montana State University in 2008, I spent a year doing research/studying abroad in Germany on a DAAD fellowship. There I worked with Prof. Jörg Enderlein and his group at The University of Göttingen on a project using single-molecule spectroscopy to measure fluid flow in microfluidic channels with high accuracy and spatial resolution. I was hooked on research, and for graduate school followed a gut feeling to combine my love of (bio)chemistry with that of the great outdoors by transitioning into geoscience.

I did my doctoral work in Earth and Planetary Science at UC Berkeley, supervised by Prof. Jill Banfield and Dr. Benjamin Gilbert. There I studied microbial communities that carry out mineral redox transformations in earth's subsurface, and thereby drive important geochemical cycles. In this research, I used bio-electrochemical systems coupled with genome-resolved metagenomics to enrich for and characterize "electroactive" microbial communities.