Dr. ir. Tom Defoirdt

Telephone number: 
+32 9/264 59 76
Postdoctoral staff


  • Bio-engineer in cell and gene biotechnology (UGent, 2003)
  • PhD in Applied Biological Sciences (UGent, 2007)
Selected key publications: 
Defoirdt, T., Boon, N. and Bossier, P. (2010). Can bacteria evolve resistance to quorum sensing disruption? PLoS Pathogens, 6: e1000989
Defoirdt, T. and Sorgeloos, P. (2012). Monitoring of Vibrio harveyi quorum sensing activity in real time during infection of brine shrimp larvae. ISME Journal, 6: 2314-2319
Yang, Q. and Defoirdt, T. (2015). Quorum sensing positively regulates flagellar motility in pathogenic Vibrio harveyi. Environmental Microbiolog, 17: 960-968
Yang, Q., Aamdal Scheie, A., Benneche, T. and Defoirdt, T. (2015) Specific quorum sensing-disrupting activity (AQSI) of thiophenones and their therapeutic potential. Scientific Reports, 5: 18033
Defoirdt, T. (2016). Specific antivirulence activity, a new concept for reliable screening of virulence inhibitors. Trends in Biotechnology, 34: 527-529