Dr. ing. Wim Audenaert

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Postdoctoral staff

I am managinig the Resource Recovery Technology Consortium (R2T).
R2T is a unique collaboration platform for industrial and academic partners with the aim of accelerating the R&D on resource recovery from aqeous streams.

Check www.R2T.UGent.be for more information.

Selected key publications: 
Audenaert, W. T. M., Vandierendonck, D., Van Hulle, S. W. H. and Nopens, I. (2013). Comparison of Ozone and .OH Induced Conversion of Effluent Organic Matter (EfOM) Using Ozonation and UV/H2O2 Treatment, Water Research, 47, 2387-2398.
Audenaert, W. T. M., Vermeersch, Y., Van Hulle, S. W. H., Dejans, P., Dumoulin, A., and Nopens, I. (2011). Application of a mechanistic UV/hydrogen peroxide model at full-scale: Sensitivity analysis, calibration and performance evaluation. Chemical Engineering Journal 171, 113-126.
Audenaert, W. T. M., Callewaert, M., Nopens, I., Cromphout, J., Vanhoucke, R., Dumoulin, A., Dejans, P., and Van Hulle, S. W. H. (2010). Full-scale modelling of an ozone reactor for drinking water treatment. Chemical Engineering Journal 157, 551-557.